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Itawuli Towel

African Accessories

Shop our wide range of handmade African accessories crafted in Cape Town, South Africa.

Net Bag

African Bags, Totes and Clutches

Shop our range of handmade African bags. Our clutches, pouches and totes are available in a variety of colours and materials.

Tassel Earrings

African Inspired Earrings

Shop our range of handmade traditionally inspired South African earrings. Available in a variety of colours and materials. Find your perfect statement African tassell or beaded earrings.
Small Clutch

African Print Clutch Bags

Shop our range of ONEOFEACH African print clutch bags available in a variety of colours and materials.

Notebook - Turquoise, Mustard, Red

African Print Notebooks

Searching for the perfect gift for stationery lovers? Our lined A5 notebooks from ONEOFEACH are covered in bold African prints, and will brighten any day in the office!

Colour Pop Pouch

African Print Pouches

Shop our versatile fabric bags and pouches with a vibrant African twist. Made from traditional African fabric sourced across the continent and handcrafted in Cape Town.

Net Bag

African Tote Net Bags

Browse our unique, colourful Mia Melange net bags perfect as a shopping tote or beach bag


Grace Jones Earrings

Beloved Beadwork

Beloved Beadwork

A proudly African business specialising in handwoven beaded jewellery and "wearable art” with intricate designs that illustrate the interplay between mathematics and natural form.

Why we love Beloved Beadwork

Beloved Beadwork was founded a decade ago by Laurence Tshimpaka and Anna Richerby with the goal of both producing original pieces and contributing to a transformed and ethical craft sector.
The Cape Town-based team is made up of 13 womxn. Staff aren’t required to have beading skills as they’re trained on the job. They’re offered full- or part-time contracts that include flexible working and fully paid maternity leave. “We try to operate the way we think all companies should – by focusing on our staff team feeling fulfilled and heard, we ensure that what we make is of excellent quality,” says Anna.

Bra Straps - Qaqamba Black

Bili BraWear

A Cape Town-based brand of handcrafted beaded bra straps

Why we love Bili BraWear

We love how innovation and creativity are combined with heritage and craft in these vibrant “worn to be seen” beaded bra straps. We also love the company’s mission: To build a brighter future for South Africa by creating sustainable jobs and empowering previously disadvantaged women in Wallacedene, an informal settlement in the eastern suburbs of Cape Town. Founded by Lindsay Fisher, the team is made up of eight women crafters, who are skilled in the art of beading, and two men, a tailor and packer.
“We seek to take industry to the townships to eliminate the cost and time of travel, and also allow our crafter mothers to work close to home and their young children,” says Lindsay. Smaller children can also accompany their mums to work, and the bra straps can be taken home to complete. “Education is a cornerstone for the growth of our country. Our mothers are invested in their children’s education, with most of their income going towards feeding their kids and putting them through school.”

Summer Bracelet


Slip-on a bracelet – or two – and bring a splash of colour and South African charisma to your look. These bracelets are handmade with a variety of materials to suit any ensemble.
Large Clutch

Clutches | Luxury

Large Clutch

Clutches | Regular

Bra Straps - Qaqamba Black

Decorative Beaded Removable Bra Straps

Shop our collection of detachable beaded and woven bra straps from Bili BraWear suitable for use on any strapless bra.
Mithra Pendants

Featured Collection


Itawuli Towel

Kikois, Wraps, Sarongs and Towels

Lightweight kikois, sarongs, wraps and towels made from pure cotton grown in Southern Africa. These versatile textiles can be used as a sarong, baby sling, bath towel, beach towel, scarf, shawl, head wrap, picnic blanket and so much more.
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