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Bili BraWear

A Cape Town-based brand of handcrafted beaded bra straps

Why we love Bili BraWear

We love how innovation and creativity are combined with heritage and craft in these vibrant “worn to be seen” beaded bra straps. We also love the company’s mission: To build a brighter future for South Africa by creating sustainable jobs and empowering previously disadvantaged women in Wallacedene, an informal settlement in the eastern suburbs of Cape Town. Founded by Lindsay Fisher, the team is made up of eight women crafters, who are skilled in the art of beading, and two men, a tailor and packer.
“We seek to take industry to the townships to eliminate the cost and time of travel, and also allow our crafter mothers to work close to home and their young children,” says Lindsay. Smaller children can also accompany their mums to work, and the bra straps can be taken home to complete. “Education is a cornerstone for the growth of our country. Our mothers are invested in their children’s education, with most of their income going towards feeding their kids and putting them through school.”