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A Cape Town-based fashion, handbag and accessories brand

Why we love ONEOFEACH

What makes these vibrant, hand-made clutch bags so special is that, as the brand’s name suggests, no two are the same. The distinctive patterned fabric is sourced throughout Africa – mostly from Ghana, one of the only African countries still printing their own African-inspired wax prints – and then combined with leather off-cuts from upholstery companies and a tannery in Cape Town.  

The all-women team of seven is involved in every element of the business from designing to crafting to retail. “For our retail outlet, we intentionally hire women who have not worked in retail before. We train them with the skills and professionalism to become equipped for the industry,” explains Tamburai Chirume, who began the business with her mother Pauline with the goal of investing in the traditional craft of creating a high-end fashion product made in Africa for the world.