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A Cape Town-based jewellery, accessories and womenswear brand

Why we love Pichulik

Not only do we love the beautiful, bold statement accessories that bring a dynamic, where-did-you-get-that element to your outfit, but we respect the way the business is run. Pichulik has 15 full time employees across the brand, only one of which is a man, and also supports micro businesses around Cape Town, including seamstresses who work from home.

One example of the investment in employees is the company’s approach to flexitime and leave: “A number of our team are single mothers, and there may be days they need to go and buy a school uniform or attend a school event, for example.” says owner Katherine-Mary Pichulik. “Staff get up to 17 days leave over and above the government standard, we advocate flexitime across the company no matter your position, and the team can also take their materials and work from home if they need to.”