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Our Story

Sourced from a handful of boutique brands, we have curated a collection of unique and desirable products that are an exploration of contemporary African design, celebrating the vibrancy of the continent and its diverse people, while supporting its talented creators and crafters.

The creative businesses that we have chosen to work with, mostly founded and run by women, are all making an impact in their own communities by providing employment and skills development to women from underprivileged circumstances. 

In addition to supporting these socially-minded businesses through our online store, we have created a non-profit foundation in South Africa that aims to uplift and empower women in disadvantaged communities. Read more

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“One of a kind” means unique. Each of the products on our site has been chosen because it is hand crafted and distinctive, made in small batches and stocked on our website in limited quantities. Your Colours of a Kind purchase will stand out from the crowd!

“Two of a kind” means similar or the same. We’re passionate about the qualities that we have in common, and that connect us across continents. We are all in this together.

We chose the words Colours and Kind intentionally. Firstly, the products we’ve curated all feature a bold, vibrant palette that captures an authentic African energy and spirit. Secondly, we have been established to promote kindness: We’re supporting ethical businesses and sustainable craft, and creating a programme that uplifts women.