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Beloved Beadwork

Beloved Beadwork

A proudly African business specialising in handwoven beaded jewellery and "wearable art” with intricate designs that illustrate the interplay between mathematics and natural form.

Why we love Beloved Beadwork

Beloved Beadwork was founded a decade ago by Laurence Tshimpaka and Anna Richerby with the goal of both producing original pieces and contributing to a transformed and ethical craft sector.
The Cape Town-based team is made up of 13 womxn. Staff aren’t required to have beading skills as they’re trained on the job. They’re offered full- or part-time contracts that include flexible working and fully paid maternity leave. “We try to operate the way we think all companies should – by focusing on our staff team feeling fulfilled and heard, we ensure that what we make is of excellent quality,” says Anna.

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